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Israeli occupation law controls many basic aspects of Palestinian life on the West Bank, such as travel within and exiting and entering the West Bank and access to employment. LEAP offers legal advice on Israeli law and representation in Israeli courts. Without professional legal advice, Palestinians cannot claim their rights in the Israeli agencies that regulate their daily lives.

LEAP provides legal advice and representation in the West Bank for Palestinians on these and similar matters:

Denial and revocation of entry permits for workers

Denial of permits for diaspora Palestinians for family visits

Denial of permits for travel to Gaza and return to the West Bank.

Denial of permits for travel outside of the West Bank for study at colleges and universities, employment, professional training, and other purposes

Denial of entry permits for family visits in Israel

LEAP provides access to other NGOs that advise Palestinians on labor law, collective bargaining, family unification, residency, zoning,  licensing, and legal resistance to the confiscation of homes and land.

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